Ideas, Dreams, Wishes

By Debbie Richards

If you have ideas, dreams or a wish -- that is all they will ever be, without a plan. Ideas and dreams need steps of action and execution.  Simply saying "I hope" to do this someday, doesn't mean it will, and honestly if you don't have a foundation of some training under you, you may be glad that "someday" is not happening yet. A good finish is always preferred...

Hydration 101

By Kellee Donovan

Did you know that dehydration is the #1 leading cause of injury among athletes? As temperatures heat up it’s especially vital to remember that your hydration plan should not start on race day, and that you should be working your hydration plan throughout your entire training process. There are so many different types of hydration essentials out there, so choosing the right one may take some experimenting. Whatever your plan is, the most important thing is that you are taking the necessary steps to keep your body fueled before, during, and after your training...

Getting to the Starting Line Happy, Healthy, and Whole

By Carly Guggemos

Do you know what is even harder than actually training for an event? Whether it is a 10k to an ultra-marathon or sprint triathlon to an Ironman, did you guess that it’s getting to the start line healthy and injury free? Before the Olympics or any big championship race, headlines are filled with stories of athletes unable to compete due an assortment of injuries and illness. Who can forget Deena Kastor pulling out of the Beijing marathon at 5K unable to even walk or when Mirinda Carfeae pulling out of Kona in 2015 after getting hit by a car a week before the race. Both of these talented women must have known that something wasn’t right before they started? Year after year, sports media run stories about injured and ill athletes and the speculation about whether they will recover in time for the big day...

Back in Love With Running

By Carlie Beatty

Love/Hate relationship. That’s how I would classify my feelings about running, at least back in college. I used to joke that I became a runner because I wasn’t coordinated enough to play any other sport. Between cross county in the fall and track & field in the spring, it was enough to keep me busy growing up and even got me a scholarship to Michigan State...

My Good Form Story

By Kellee Donovan

I wasn’t always a runner. I was always in sports, but not really a runner. I tried pretty much everything growing up; soccer, basketball, dance, volleyball. Gymnastics was my favorite as a child, though. I did it for 8 years but developed Sever’s Disease so bad that I had to quit. If you’re unfamiliar with Sever’s (formally known as Calcaneal Apophysitis), it’s most commonly found in children ages 10-14, when the growth plates in your heels become incredibly swollen. Now I don’t blame gymnastics, I was also playing basketball at the same time this was happening and I’m sure the combination of non-supportive basketball shoes and bare feet in gymnastics wasn’t exactly the best for me...

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