Tried and True, Nothing New

By Carly Guggemos

Now that race season is starting to get underway, it’s time to talk about your pre-race breakfast. This should be the same breakfast you are fueling with on your long bike or run day during your building blocks toward your goal event. We say this because we need to train our gut to take in the food we are feeding it and so our body knows what to do with it. Think of this is a "dress rehearsal" run that gives you the opportunity to experiment with different foods and how best to time your eating and swimming, biking, and/or running. Some athletes can eat and immediately go run with no problems, others need to eat 1 to 3 hours before running to avoid gastro-intestinal issues, so find what works best for you. All the research in the world, however, can't match good old real-world experience and practice. Your race day performance is affected by many factors, and so the perfect pre-race meal is only as good as your ability to control your nerves, pace, and fueling yourself properly...

The Evolution of My Running Playlist

By Kellee Donovan

One of my favorite things about running used to be my playlist. I would spend an embarrassing amount of time crafting the perfect group of songs, starting off with some more mellow sounding tracks to get me going, then building up into some beat thumping motivational jams (Beyonce, anyone??), then slowing it back down with some cool down tunes. This playlist was seriously one of the only things that could get me out the door to run, especially come winter time in Michigan. I loved the idea of losing myself in the music while simultaneously getting in a great workout; however, I have definitely changed as a runner and person since the creation of these playlists, and I find myself being motivated by a different playlist of sorts these days...

How to Build the Perfect Recovery Smoothie

By Carly Guggemos

I know, I know, you are probably thinking just toss some fruit, ice, milk or juice in a blender, push start and voila - a good-for-you breakfast on the go, lunch or a snack. You can drink a smoothie with no judgments even for dessert (yes, you can totally add in cocoa powder to your smoothies)! While you are correct that this is grounds for a good smoothie, we can pack more nutrition into your day and make that smoothie do more for you, your health, and recovery...

Starting Line Social

By Mike Andersen

In this day and age of social media and living life virtually, I have come to realize the most valuable social network is the unaltered one, thriving in a state of reality. The most vivid realization of this social group is that of a race starting line. The collection of wild  personalities and bright colors of packed in humanity serves as a beautiful motif of our species finest. I recently came to this conclusion at the starting line of one of my favorite races, the Corktown 5k in Detroit, MI...

Stories to Tell, Adventures to be Had

By Joshua Kersjes

Everybody has a story. It may bore you to death, or perhaps it may peak your interest to the point that your heart rate increases and your mind travels into the imagination and experiences of the storyteller. I am here to tell you a little story of my post-collegiate adventures...