The Best Thing I've Ever Seen

By Kellee Donovan

The best thing I've ever seen on a run? Nothing at all.

I've been on a lot of runs in my life. I've seen ancient castles, waves crashing upon the Spanish coast, even a man dressed as Santa Claus walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight not even close to Christmas time (we high-fived). The best thing I've seen on a run, though, is nothing at all. It's the rare time when my mind goes completely quiet. I don't think about bills to pay, dishes that need to be put away or the appointment I should make. All I think about, all I hear, is the sound of my feet hitting the pavement one after the other...

Mile-A-Day Mom

By Lindsey Mulder

One of my favorite things to do on a holiday is to get a run in.  Besides the upside of not feeling so guilty about the extra calories consumed, it allows me a little bit of ‘me time’, even in a sea of other runners...

Beat the Winter Blues and Flues

By Carly Guggemos

What words do you associate with winter?  Here are some of mine: snow, cold, pajamas, hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, Christmas trees, presents, brussel sprouts, collard greens, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, grapefruits, tangerines.  It is important to stock your pantry with lots of foods that will boost your immune system during the coldest months of the year. With the right vitamins, minerals, and foods there is no reason to battle the winter blues and flues this year...

Start Today!

By Justin Dickman

A quote I always try to keep in my mind is that "procrastination pays off now, but hard work pays off later." In contrast, I often run into people who seemingly live life with the mantra, “why do today what I could put off for tomorrow?” Obviously, managing family, work, a social life, and other obligations is challenging and proper balance is important; however, I see too many of my friends putting off fitness or personal goals because it may not be convenient or it may seem like a tough hill to climb if they were to begin working towards them now...

What's Coming Up?

By Debbie Richards

It is that time of year again when we begin to look ahead at the calendar of race events to see what we want to do in the next year.  As I look ahead to those that are "new" to me and ones I have been wanting to do, I begin to plan my calendar.  First looking at my overall goals and then at each month for individual race events, training, and then at the whole year as in "big" picture of what will I have accomplished at the end of 2017 and in the end will it bring me closer to my healthy journey for me and those around me...