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5 Tips to Healthy Travel

“So I’m going to (insert vacation destination here)… and I need a good shoe.”

This is something we hear all the time from our customers at Playmakers. My response is always, “Well you’ve come to the right place.” As both a Fit Specialist and frequent traveler, I am able to draw from my first-hand experiences when preparing customers for a trip. While Playmakers has you covered for your all traveling shoe and apparel needs, here are a couple of pointers to support you on your journey...even after you leave the store.

Drink water.

Going from place-to-place can be a hindrance to hydration, oftentimes leaving you feeling fatigued. You’d think that it would be from a long flight or car ride, which can definitely play a part, but drinking water may be a huge factor in maintaining optimal energy levels. Whenever I travel, or go anywhere for that matter, I ALWAYS bring my Hydroflask! This is a must have to avoid paying for overpriced water, saving a plastic bottle, and staying hydrated. If you’re taking it to the airport, be sure to empty it before going through security and find a water fountain after. My Hydroflask has reminded me to stay hydrated all around the world, and has even accumulated stickers from destinations along the way. Who needs a passport when your water bottle works just the same?

Sunset in Yosemite. Photo taken by Bill Kim.

Food is fuel.

To me, being on vacation isn’t a free pass. I enjoy treats, of course, but I also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It’s much easier to enjoy where you are when you are properly nourished. One of my favorite things to do while traveling is seeking out healthy restaurants, cafes, and local farmer’s markets. If this isn’t something you normally do, give it a try! You might be pleasantly surprised by the way a healthy food is prepared and come home with new ideas.

A great way to stay on track is to use a kitchen if you have access to one. Or bring your own single-serve blender! Something I enjoy every morning, even when I’m not traveling, is a smoothie - packed with hydrating, antioxidant-rich fruits, and a protein powder that is also a multivitamin. It is sort of like health insurance... or nutrient assurance. Smoothies are really easy on your digestive system which is something often compromised by the stress of travel.

Wondering how you’ll fit a blender in your suitcase? PRO TIP: Use it to hold your socks!

Since we’re on the subject, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Smartwool socks– they are a must for traveling. They’re naturally antimicrobial so you only have to bring a couple of pairs. I recently went to New York City and wore one pair of Smartwool socks the entire week. I walked everywhere, my feet even got wet from the rain, and they never smelled. You read that right.

The Butcher’s Daughter, NYC

Walk Everywhere.

It is so easy to hit the sought-after 10,000 steps per day when YOU are your main mode of transportation. Places with great public transit like New York City and Tokyo make this especially easy to embrace. You get to see smaller details that make a place truly unique this way– you never know what you will stumble upon. Just make sure to bring comfortable shoes. Playmakers has you covered there!

Keep Moving.

Have an active-minded itinerary. You can get a great workout while surfing, snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing, or, as mentioned, walking– all of which immerse you into wherever you are exploring! For city trips, try new fitness classes that may not be available to you at home; SoulCycle and F45 are notable. If you’re really in a pinch, a quick HIIT workout or yoga session can be done in a hotel room and usually does the trick. Especially in places where there is no gym access, like in an Airbnb, exercise sliders and resistance bands can be really helpful.

Take Sleep Seriously.

Travel can really confuse your body and throw off its diurnal rhythm. Help your body reset by taking time to wind down in the evening. Wash the travel off with a shower. Dim the lights. Stray from screens and read a book or local newspaper instead. Stretch before bed. If you’re walking everywhere, your calves may be tighter than normal. If you’ve been sitting on a plane for hours, your hips could probably use some opening up. Stretching rookie? No problem. Our Stretch, Strengthen and Roll clinic is offered weekly at the store and it’s free! 

I also enjoy using Foot Rubz, a small massage ball that we sell in-store, after being on my feet all day. I tell most people about this ball because it’s only $6 and quickly became something I look forward to using regularly.

These are things that I have learned along the route. Hopefully you found something helpful here to implement on your next trip! Get out there and enjoy wherever your adventurous spirit leads you. We’ll see you in the store before you leave.

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Lydia Mendel is a FIT Specialist at Playmakers and certified Integrative Health Practitioner. She enjoys making nourishing foods and helping people become their most beaming, healthy self. She’s a bicoastal lady at heart, however, grew up in Mid-Michigan, traveling as much as possible since graduating from her small-town high school with a class of 120. Her aspirations include many things, with empathy and empowerment of others at the heart of it all.

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