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Outrun Yourself This Fall

Make the most of the Autumn season with a race or fun run!

For many, the change in season also means that it is time to “toe the line” in a fall race! Whether you are getting ready for an upcoming marathon or tackling an 8k with your co-workers, check out these fun fall traditions in the Lansing area!

Summer Sale Starts Here

The sale is finally here! Join us July 18-21 for great deals on all of your favorite brands and styles.

The highly anticipated Playmaker Summer Sale is right around the corner! Twice a year, Playmakers transforms to host a sale that brings together people from all over the community to shop, reconnect, and celebrate walking, running, and living! Co-Owner of Playmakers, Tom Keenoy, reflects on the Playmakers sales over the year and covers some new innovations for this year's sale. Join us for awesome deals on your favorite brands and styles July 18-21!

4th of July Starting Line

A guide to patriotic products that will complete your 4th of July.

Fireworks, hotdogs, and 5K's. Almost every holiday starts with a run! Lindsey Mulder, a 4th of July 5K veteran is here to reveal the best gear to ring in the celebrations!

Destination: Healthy

5 Tips to Healthy Travel

Summer travel season is OFFICIALLY underway! From sight-seeing, to discovering new places, traveling can keep you on the MOVE. Amidst all the adventuring, it is easy to neglect healthy routine and habits. Health guru and world traveler, Lydia, is here to provide some tips and pointers to staying in tip-top-shape on your upcoming trip!

ON to New Adventures

Alyssa reflects on her time at the ON running retreat, Oniversity, in Chicago!

“Life is all about the new and the unknown. It’s about waking up each day and trying something you haven’t before so that you can experience all that is out there.” 

Playmakers staff member, Alyssa, reflects on her time at the ON running retreat, Oniversity, in Chicago!


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