Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Playmakers Fitness Foundation?

The Playmakers Fitness Foundation (PFF) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Okemos, Michigan. Because of its nonprofit status, the PFF is under special rules established by the IRS relating to not for profit organizations. The PFF is under the scrutiny and reporting rules defined by the IRS, including the filing of an annual report and audit by the IRS.

What is the vision of the Playmakers Fitness Foundation?

The by-laws of the PFF state that its purpose is to receive and administer funds for the perpetuation of charitable purposes related to the promotion and support of health and fitness in the greater Lansing Area. The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

What is the mission of the Playmakers Fitness Foundation?

The Playmakers Fitness Foundation (PFF) is committed to the wellness of the Mid-Michigan community. We will work to empower people to adopt and sustain a healthier and more active lifestyle by providing:

OPPORTUNITIES for people to move more

EDUCATIONAL programs that train people to move better

Through education and opportunity we will improve the health of the community!

What events do Playmakers Fitness Foundation support, coordinate, and contribute to?

  • Good Form Running Clinics
  • Good Form Walking Clinics
  • Good Form Movement Clinics
  • Team Playmakers
    • Women’s Couch to 5K
    • Any Distance/Any Pace Training Team
    • Triathlon Training Team
  • Community Partners in Health
    • Winter Warm-up
    • Walking in Our Community series
  • Ingham County Wellness Program
  • The North Face Fun Runs (benefiting Ingham and Eaton County Parks along with Fenner Nature Center)
  • Playmakers Classic Triathlon
  • Playmakers Autumn Classic (benefiting Special Olympics Michigan Area 8)
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