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Commitment to Community

and a Call to Action

Playmakers 1983

Since 1981, Playmakers has been an integral part of the greater Lansing community.  The commitment of original owners Curt and Judy Munson to building their business was equaled only by their desire to serve the community.

Playmakers was recognized as the Independent Running Retailer Association National Running Specialty Retailer of the year in 2010 and has long been known as the premier running store in the area.  This position of prominence allows Playmakers to serve the local running community and support numerous charitable organizations.

Each year Playmakers is involved in over 200 races, fun runs, free clinics, walking and running programs and health initiatives which reach thousands of women, men and children. 

Recently, the Munsons have become very concerned with local and national health related statistics and forecasts.  The trends indicate a move toward a more sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and declining heart health. Knowing the health benefits of running and walking, and because each exercise is free and accessible to everyone, the Munsons and Playmakers wanted to increase their community efforts. 

However, the Munsons also understood their community activities and philanthropic goals had outgrown the capabilities of one retail store. So, along with co-owners John Benedict, Brian Jones and Tom Keenoy, they established the Playmakers Fitness Foundation in 2011.
Curt Munson Teaching GFR
With a mission of getting people to Move More and Move Better, the Playmakers Fitness Foundation has generated broad corporate and community support to expand their programs specifically targeted to youths, adults, seniors and physical education teachers. All in all, over 20,000 people are impacted by the foundation every year. 

Moving forward, the Foundation’s ambitious yearly goals include improving the health and fitness of 40,000 people by offering additional programs, activities and events. The Foundation will utilize the resources of Playmakers along with the generous support of individuals, groups and corporations to educate and provide opportunities to improve the health of the Mid-Michigan community!

Obesity has been targeted as an area of concern for Ingham, Eaton,and Clinton Counties.2

In 2013, 5.3 million deaths were attributed to physical inactivity. Smoking is responsible for 5 million deaths per year.1

Kids of active moms are 2x as likely to be active.1

1. All references for this document are available in Designed to Move: A Physical Activity Action Agenda, Designed to Move presents findings from independent research commissioned by Nike, Inc. Ng, S.W. and Popkin, B.M. (2012).

2. According to the 2012 Community Health Profile and Health Needs Assessment Report on Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties. The full 90 page document is available at   /uploads/9/1/6/3/9163210/hcc_comm_health_profile_6-15-12.pdf.

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