Thousands of runners, from beginner to advanced, have experienced life-changing results​ from Good Form Running! We know you can run faster, easier, and healthier with Good Form Running. 

"My whole life I've experienced pain while running. GFR got me off running on my heels and onto my midfoot. This not only improved my efficiency and speed, but it's also made me a healthier runner for life."

~Dr. Jeffrey R. Kovan, DO

"After ten years of not running because of injuries, I've been able to run since incorporating GFR, feeling great and avoiding injuries."

~John Benedict

"Good running form is the single most important thing I've learned in 30 years at Playmakers. I question why it took us so long to learn it."

 ~Curt Munson

"Coming from a cycling paradigm, the last thing I wanted to do was run. It wasn't enjoyable and it was a horrible shock to my quads. Since learning good form, running has become easier and more fluid for my body."

~Mike Homan


"Good Form Running has been very helpful for me. I started out not being able to run very far at all and now am able to run a total of 6 miles!"

~Kristen Fell

"We want to thank all the folks at Playmakers for the Good Form Running instruction!  My husband suffers from arthritis in his knees and has not been able to “run” since he was young.  Thanks to Good Form, he and my daughter are running mini-races as we are out on our walks!"

~Serena Lake

"Starting the program, I could run (slowly jog) about ½ a mile, then had to walk. Now I’m running 5 miles without stopping.  The instruction has also kept me injury free, something that hasn’t happened for me in several years."

~Scott Etzel

"With Good Form Running, I am more aware of how I am running and it’s really helped me push myself further because running is easier."

~Heather Booher

"Prior to GFR, I couldn't complete a single training plan - from 5k to marathon - without injury. Now I'm able to run ultra marathons and more easily run higher weekly mileage than I ever dreamed possible... all injury-free, for nearly 5 years."

~Michael Richmond

"Approximately ten years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and chose running to help control my weight and blood sugar.  Over time the constant running wore on my knees and it became very difficult to use this method to control my weight and sugar levels.  I resorted to running only on a treadmill and limited days to alleviate the pressure of my knees.  I entered a Couch to 5k program with hope and skepticism due to my past problems.  With the Good Form Running technique, I was quickly able to start running distances in a very short period of time.  I have not had any soreness in my knees and have been able to run numerous days of long distances in a week without any difficulty."

~Matt Moreau​

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