Playmakers Triathlon Team

Team Playmakers Triathlon Training Team is returning for its 9th year in 2017. The training team is designed for all levels and abilities. Whether you are a seasoned triathlete with many years of experience or if you are taking the first steps toward doing something you’ve always wanted to do, this is the team for you. We have experienced coaches and triathletes leading the team!  The 2017 session is kicking off on Sunday, March 12, 2017 starting at 6pm.

Next kickoff:
 Sunday, March 12 - Join now or online at anytime. You can also sign up at Playmakers. The team will have a limit of 75 participants per session.

Program Benefits:
 Weekly Team Newsletter --- Training and Planning Calendars --- Discount Coupons --- Team Camaraderie --- Support from Expert Coaches ---USAT Certified Coaching--- Weekly Training Sessions for all three Triathlon Disciplines --- Fun ---Triathlon-specific Clinics 

Team Coaches
: We have a running coach, a swim coach and a bike coach. Each coach is qualified and certified in his/her respective sport. Every workout is designed to move you from your current level toward your goal.

Training sessions
: You will be offered three formal training sessions per week covering all disciplines and one training session with the Team Playmakers Any Distance Any Pace Team.

     * Monday: Speed training for running

     * Tuesday: Swim training

     * Thursday: Bike training

     *Saturday: Informal training with Team Playmakers


Cost:  There are two options for team membership:

     * Option I is a 12 week program with more than 30 coached session and many informal training opportunities. This option will get you ready for your early seasons goal race. Hawk Island Triathlon is June 4. Grand Rapids Triathlon is June 11

          ** COST is $110 for new members and $100 for returning members

     * Option II Join for the full triathlon season. This is a 25 week program. You will get more than 70 opportunities for coached training sessions along with dozens of informal training opportunities. This option will be designed to help you with both your early season and late season goals. Reeds Lake Triathlon Sept 9 or Hawk Island Sept 10

          ** COST is $210 for the new members and $190 for returning members

 Register at Playmakers or Online

Contact: Cindy Erickson, USAT Certified Triathlon Coach and Tri Team Coordinator