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5 Things You Should Know Before Running/Walking A 5K

Get Ready For The Izzo Legacy 5K

March was “madness” and April have arrived, which means that the Izzo Legacy 5K walk/run is just around the corner! You are registered (or going to register:, excited, and wondering how you should get ready for Saturday. Whether you are a “5K-pro” or a “race rookie”, here are the 5 things you should know before you run/walk a 5K.

Year of YES!

A Journey of Self-Exploration

I decided 2018 would be my “year of yes.” But this would be a different “yes” than I had l so often said before. This wouldn’t be the accommodating and agreeable “yes” to keep the peace. Instead, my “year of yes” would mean saying “yes” to myself. It meant saying yes to opening myself up to new opportunities, relationships, experiences, and adventures that would get my out of my comfort zone.

Reflectivity: Be "Bright"

Stay Safe and Seen On The Roads This Spring

With warmer temperatures on the way, my plea to those reading is to watch out for each other in 2019 as both fellow drivers and pedestrians. This is a plea for drivers, to be extra vigilant as we follow traffic laws and safety best practices. This is also a plea to the pedestrians to act safely, smart and work in cohesion with vehicular traffic.

Women Who Run

Women run this world! No seriously...they do.

For almost the last decade more females have laced up their running shoes and crossed the finish line compared to our male counterparts. In the U.S. alone women make up 57% of running race finishers and female race participation is up 25%. That’s a lot of girl power! However, with most training plans being designed for men, it’s no wonder so many female athletes are struggling to reach their full potential. So ladies, grab the sports bra and let’s get running!


Get Outside With Your "Sole" Mate

It is hard to deny that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. From greeting cards galore, to bountiful flower bouquets, to everyone desperately seeking out dinner reservations for February 14. The “day of love,” is a change of pace where we are able to acknowledge our affinity and admiration for others.

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