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Mile-A-Day Mom

By Lindsey Mulder

One of my favorite things to do on a holiday is to get a run in.  Besides the upside of not feeling so guilty about the extra calories consumed, it allows me a little bit of ‘me time’, even in a sea of other runners.  

Two weeks before Thanksgiving I signed up for the Lansing Turkey Trot.  My daughter’s first 3 years, I pushed her in a stroller in the 5K.  I loved that she had a streak of always “participating” in the Turkey Trot.  But once my son came along, the streak ended.  Between family events and having two small children, it just didn’t happen.  This past year I was determined to make it work.  My husband usually works Thanksgiving morning, but surely I’d be able to find some family member to watch my adorable, cute, well behaved kids, right?

Welp, Thanksgiving eve rolled around and still no options for a sitter.  I decided I would have to fit something in at home. The idea of running with a double stroller alongside 5,000 other people seemed a bit daunting (along with the idea of carting the kids and stroller down there by myself), and I’ll be honest, I was having a little bit of a “pity party” in my head. But Thanksgiving morning, after waking up on our own accord and baking some cinnamon rolls, I bundled the kids in the stroller and wrapped the dog’s leash around my waist and headed out.  I didn’t plan on any particular distance and just decided to see how it goes.  

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run. Temps had risen. Rain had stopped. Kids didn’t fight. Dog didn’t stop every 2 minutes.  And “we” got in our 5K.

I still look forward to the day that I make it back out to the Turkey Trot, but until then this mama will enjoy her own version of a turkey trot.
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