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Ideas, Dreams, Wishes

By Debbie Richards

If you have ideas, dreams or a wish -- that is all they will ever be, without a plan. Ideas and dreams need steps of action and execution.  Simply saying "I hope" to do this someday, doesn't mean it will, and honestly if you don't have a foundation of some training under you, you may be glad that "someday" is not happening yet. A good finish is always preferred.   

It is good to have resources for your plan. This may be an online resource of reading, an online coach that has a reputation for coaching, a teammate that has more than one success underneath them or several of the teammates you train with.  Always ask around when developing that plan for this new goal. In general, someone has done this more than once and feels good and not injured.  

When I first began running, I often went to those who were talking, laughing, and looked like they were truly enjoying the experience. No, they were not skipping with lattes in hand, however; they got a great workout and enjoyed it. I think we have all seen the runners that made us stop in our tracks and think for a minute; if it hurts that bad, why are you doing this. Good Form has come to mind many times.

One plan does not fit all. You should know your availability for training, what type of training is best for you, and if you have the time to do this immediately, next month, or next year when asking questions. How often did someone train for this goal?  For how many weeks or months? Where was their base level of training at when they started training for this other goal? Is this comparable to you? Are you allowing yourself enough weeks or months to train for your desired outcome?  Or are you looking to finish versus a time?

Resources are just that, a resource of information. What has been tried before and worked or not worked for someone else. Now comes the difficult part, applying the resources to you, your dedication, your style of training and the time you have to train. Look ahead to your calendar and decide on that idea, dream and NOW your goal! Figure out the time frame you have to get to your goal. Now start developing your plan and allow room for adjustments and modifications, and continue to seek advice from a trusted resource. Initially you may ask a lot of people or research many areas for information, sometimes this is helpful and sometimes this can stop you from moving forward. Decide a time that you are not taking in new information unless it is called for (the plan you are working is not working). Narrow the resource(s) and move forward with your plan.....set the goal! and let the training begin!

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