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Getting to the Starting Line Happy, Healthy, and Whole

By Carly Guggemos

Do you know what is even harder than actually training for an event? Whether it is a 10k to an ultra-marathon or sprint triathlon to an Ironman, did you guess that it’s getting to the start line healthy and injury free? Before the Olympics or any big championship race, headlines are filled with stories of athletes unable to compete due an assortment of injuries and illness. Who can forget Deena Kastor pulling out of the Beijing marathon at 5K unable to even walk or when Mirinda Carfeae pulling out of Kona in 2015 after getting hit by a car a week before the race. Both of these talented women must have known that something wasn’t right before they started? Year after year, sports media run stories about injured and ill athletes and the speculation about whether they will recover in time for the big day...

The Evolution of My Running Playlist

By Kellee Donovan

One of my favorite things about running used to be my playlist. I would spend an embarrassing amount of time crafting the perfect group of songs, starting off with some more mellow sounding tracks to get me going, then building up into some beat thumping motivational jams (Beyonce, anyone??), then slowing it back down with some cool down tunes. This playlist was seriously one of the only things that could get me out the door to run, especially come winter time in Michigan. I loved the idea of losing myself in the music while simultaneously getting in a great workout; however, I have definitely changed as a runner and person since the creation of these playlists, and I find myself being motivated by a different playlist of sorts these days...

Starting Line Social

By Mike Andersen

In this day and age of social media and living life virtually, I have come to realize the most valuable social network is the unaltered one, thriving in a state of reality. The most vivid realization of this social group is that of a race starting line. The collection of wild  personalities and bright colors of packed in humanity serves as a beautiful motif of our species finest. I recently came to this conclusion at the starting line of one of my favorite races, the Corktown 5k in Detroit, MI...

Stories to Tell, Adventures to be Had

By Joshua Kersjes

Everybody has a story. It may bore you to death, or perhaps it may peak your interest to the point that your heart rate increases and your mind travels into the imagination and experiences of the storyteller. I am here to tell you a little story of my post-collegiate adventures...


By Kellee Donovan

Gratitude. It’s a simple concept, really, the idea of being thankful for something; however, as I quickly approach my 24th birthday, I have found it has become increasingly difficult to remember and practice. Certainly, I have always said thank you to others for their random acts of kindness to me, like cleaning up my shoe boxes after I have finished with a guest in the store, or to my sweet husband for putting away clean laundry - these are the simple acts I am grateful for. Recently though, I’ve been trying to figure out what I am truly grateful for on a deeper level...

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