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Welcome to Good Form

Our basic philosophy encourages one very simple mantra: move light and easy. Good Form is a product of years of teaching clinics, reading and researching books and articles, studying form philosophies, and numerous years of learning through practice and refinement. Instead of a complex bio-mechanical analysis, Good Form focuses on the simple, essential steps that allow for efficient, light, and easy running and walking. Along with effective stretching and strengthening techniques, Good Form can benefit all ranges of runners and walkers. With simplicity as a primary philosophy, Good Form has positively reached thousands of runners and walkers since 2006.

Move More. Move Better. 

Good Form Running

Good Form Running (GFR) is a simple to understand technique for running healthier, easier and faster. GFR is a product of years of teaching clinics, studying running philosophies, and personal meetings with some of the greatest running minds. Instead of a complex biomechanical analysis, GFR focuses on three simple, essential steps focused on running light and running easy. With simplicity as a primary focus, GFR has positively impacted thousands of runners since 2006.

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Good Form Walking

Based on the findings from the development of GFR, combined with further discussion, exploration, practice and implementation, Good Form Walking (GFW) evolved as a method to help walkers of all ages and abilities move forward more efficiently and healthier. Learning the three simple components of GFW can help people to walk without injury, with a well-balanced stride and with renewed vigor. GFW instruction has helped hundreds of people walk better, farther, and more frequently!

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Good Form Movement

Avoiding and overcoming injuries is essential for people to Move More and Move Better. Through research and discovery Good Form Movement (GFM) was developed to address the most common overuse injuries by introducing proper stretching and strengthening exercises to improve flexibility and imbalances. By understanding the differences between static and dynamic stretching and learning strengthening exercises targeting the core, glutes, upper leg, lower leg, foot, and ankle participants will be empowered to stay active longer.

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