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Who We Are

Running, Walking, and Living in Greater Lansing Since 1981

Playmakers aims to provide the most productive and enjoyable environment to work, shop, and visit. In other words, we’d love to blow your mind with our commitment to exceeding your expectations and going the “extra mile” to assist you! Throughout the years, our store has grown a lot, learned a lot, and have been incredibly fortunate to have a loyal community who have made Playmakers what it is today. Hard work, dedication, teamwork, positive attitudes, and lots of miles has remained at the core of our business. We are firm believers in creating a winning situation for everyone involved: customers, staff, vendors, and the community!

Our History

What once began as a small run-specialty store in the Meridian Mall, has since been cultivated and developed into a nationally recognized outdoor retailer, rooted in the Greater Lansing Community. 

After passionate runner and visionary, Curt Munson, purchased Playmakers in 1981, he fully devoted his mission for the business to exceptional customer service, education, and health. 

Over the next 20 years, Playmakers grew and flourished into far more than a running and walking store. From hosting races across the state of Michigan, to pioneering the Good Form Running/Walking movement, Playmakers sought to expand into a larger location. In 2002, the store moved to its current location in Okemos, MI. With access to much more store space and an opportunity to grow the business, Curt and the Playmakers team set into motion philosophies and industry practices that would leave a lasting impact on the Playmakers legacy.

Today, Playmakers still operates as a single-door store and continues to be an industry leader through the support and involvement of customers, staff, and event participants. Serving the community has remained at the core of the business through the Playmakers Fitness Foundation, high school / middle school race involvement, Playmakers Premier Events, Injury Clinics, and so much more.

Playmakers Throughout the Years

For over 40 years, we've been proud to call mid-Michigan home and prouder to serve our customers.

Here's a glimpse of some fun moments throughout the years.

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