5 Things You Should Know Before Running/Walking A 5K

Get Ready For The Izzo Legacy 5K

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March was “madness” and April has arrived, which means that the Izzo Legacy 5K walk/run is just around the corner! You are registered (or going to register:, excited, and wondering how you should get ready for Saturday. Whether you are a “5K-pro” or a “race rookie”, here are the 5 things you should know before you run/walk a 5K.

Preparation For Race Day Starts Before The Race

Feeling your best on the morning of your 5K is typically dependent on what you do the day before. Drinking lots of water, eating foods that fuel and getting a proper amount of sleep the night before (and the night before that, too) can make a huge impact on your performance. Don’t get too caught up in your pre-race routine, but intentionally drink a few more water bottles, eat additional carbs and catch those “zzzzzz’s.”

Plan Your Morning With Time To Spare

5K mornings usually make for an early wake-up call. Be sure to take these things into consideration before setting your alarm clock the night before:  

  • How long is the drive to the course?
  • How far is the start line from available parking spots?

Ramp 7 is across Harrison Road from Breslin and is the preferred parking lot!

  • Crowds. There are a lot of Spartans out there, be sure to keep in mind the number of participants that will be present (over 3,500).
  • Packet pick-up will take place at Munn Ice Arena 7-9am. Looking to save a few minutes race morning? Stop by Playmakers 10am-8pm Thursday and Friday (Playmakers – 2299 W Grand River Ave. – Okemos, Mi, 48864)
  • Take time to warm-up with a jog and dynamic stretches!

Ready To Rumble

After arriving at the event, it can be easy to get pleasantly distracted by other excited attendees, the reuniting of old pals, and the beautiful scenery of Michigan State University. The starting gun goes off before you know it, so be sure to keep an eye on the time and give yourself plenty of room before the start of the race. Remember to leave personal items in the car. It can be challenging to run with a phone, wallet, keys, water bottle etc. Also, be sure to seek out a restroom prior to the race. Although this seems like a silly tip, it is imperative to making your 5K experience one for the record books.

Enjoy The People Around You

Throughout the Izzo 5K walk/run, you will encounter Spartans from near and far, who all bleed the same colors: green and white. Running/walking for 3 miles can be a challenge, but race day energy is unbeatable. Celebrate the Izzo legacy with your fellow 5K participants and make lasting memories on the course. Be sure to take in the sights and sounds of the athletic facilities and the MSU marching band. And, don’t be afraid to sing along with the fight song…even if you’re a little out of breath!

Finish Out Strong

Sometimes the finish line comes too fast…especially when you are joined by thousands of people in celebration! Be sure to finish the race knowing you were a part of something EPIC. You ran/walked an inaugural 5K. It doesn’t get better than that! You will have a lot to be proud of. When you cross the line, put on your best smile and get ready for the camera. And don’t worry…action shots are never pretty. Your Izzo Legacy medal will be waiting and ready to be worn endlessly for the rest of the day. You earned it!


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