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Learn more about how you can prepare for a virtual race while keeping space!

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If you know who I am, then you could probably assume that I am a social distancing professional. In fact, I have been socially distanced from people since 1958.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Shopping Cart Lady. Most know me as the Grand River Goddess dressed in heels, wearing a dress and a pill box hat, pushing a shopping cart filled with groceries. I am a landmark for when you “aren’t sure if you’re going the right way,” and a symbol of loyalty, as I have been greeting you as you’ve driven by me for the past 62 years.

I will say, although I love all the businesses in my plaza, I was especially excited when Playmakers moved in and made 2299 W. Grand River home. You see, I am a passionate speed walker. Over the years, I have watched countless Good Form Walking classes (through the Playmakers windows), cheered on my Team Playmakers friends, and I often use the parking lot for interval training. I just love to walk. Recently, I heard that Playmakers was going be hosting the Keep Your Space Virtual Race! Runners, walkers, and rollers can pick their preferred distance (5K, 1/4 marathon, or 1/2 marathon) on Saturday, April 11th. This race can take place anywhere and everyone is encouraged to keep their distance…while going the distance. As a socially distanced individual, this is truly my time to shine. I’ve begun “dusting off the rust” (and bird poop) from my cart to prepare for the race. Playmakers has asked me to give you all a few pointers on how you, too, can prepare for the Keep Your Space Virtual Race.

Tie Up Those Laces

The first STEP to becoming a virtual racing superstar is to train in shoes that make you feel strong and ready for race day! Personally, I’ve worn high heels since day one…but that’s just me. I always turn to the FIT Specialists at Playmakers with any questions I have. You can chat with a FIT Specialist live online 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday!

Time For Fuel

Exercising can build up an appetite! I always start my day with breakfast and eat consistently throughout the day. My favorite pre-walk snacks are a banana with peanut butter, Clif Bar, or trail mix. After I finish up, I make sure to get some food and water as soon as I can to help my recovery and keep me healthy for my next walk! For those of you tackling the 1/2 Marathon at the Keep Your Space Virtual Race, be sure to practice taking in nutrition on the run. Gu, gels, and UCANN are great ways to keep your body energized for training and race day.

Activate Your Motivation

As rookie, socially distanced runners, walkers, or rollers, it can be hard to find the motivation to stick to a routine or to even get moving. Writing down my goals, reflecting on where I am at RIGHT NOW (not last week or next week), and mixing up my exercise routine are 3 of the ways I stay inspired, even when it’s hard.

Check out the Stay Motivated Training Log:

Sing it Out

There is no doubt that music is a great way to invigorate your workout. Instead of putting on your headphones for your next run/walk/roll, play your music out loud, maybe others will dance along with you! Here are some curated playlists for all types of movement.

Accountability is Key

When I get out on a walk, I quickly realize that running, walking, and rolling are not individual sports. We are go-getters, adventure-seekers, early-risers, and fun-havers! Call a friend, challenge them to get outside, share a playlist, sign-up for the Keep Your Space Virtual Race with a friend from out of town! We are all in this together!

Best of luck on April 11th and feel free to give me a wave or play a song out loud next time you see me!

Shopping Cart Lady

As a Greater Lansing icon, Shopping Cart Lady has made a tremendous impact on the community throughout the years. In her free time, you can find Shopping Cart Lady practicing good posture, watching birds fly by, and counting the CATA buses that drive by.

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