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The Playmakers' blog is back in action!

January 5, 2019 / Playmakers / No Comments

There is an ancient Chinese Proverb I love that says, “You are somebody’s reason to smile.” I have been thinking about this lately while running. After several years of on-again-off-again workout routines, I regained my running “mojo” in 2018. I am not speedy like I used to be (nor do I care to be), but most importantly, I am enjoying my runs and the fellow runners, walkers, and bikers I see throughout Lansing.

You may be asking; where does this Chinese Proverb come into play? Simply put, YOU are somebody’s inspiration! Throughout my running career I have been inspired by many. When I was younger, it was my older brother, Todd, who swam for Grand Ledge High School. His dedication taught me that hard work can be synonymous with success. Through high school and college I was inspired by my teammates and competitors, along with Steve Prefontaine, a 70’s era runner who was a running rockstar of his time. They taught me to train hard, have goals, and run fast!

These days, I realize my inspiration is other runners. Every day we have a decision to get out and workout, or to stay put and leave the run for another day. Recently, my decision has been easy. Seeing everyone in Greater Lansing out and about this past year has been my motivation! From a friendly wave offered up by a fellow runner, to seeing Team Playmakers, Mid Michigan Track Club, and local high school runners, I have been soaking up all, that is, running.

It is with this mindset, catalyzed by the vision of an active community, that I am excited and honored to re-introduce the Playmakers Blog! This year we are looking forward to engaging the Greater Lansing Community with inspiration and celebration of everyone who runs, walks, and explores the great outdoors. Through our blog, we look forward to impacting, educating, living local, and giving back. Most importantly, we look forward to sharing stories from around Greater Lansing…YOUR stories!

The Playmakers blog will feature a variety of writers from Playmakers, Team Playmakers, and the Running and Walking Community. While the blog will be primarily for those in Greater Lansing and Michigan, we hope people near and far will find value in readership.

Please keep an eye on our blog and Playmakers’ social media for new and upcoming articles. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2019 and engaging with our fellow runners, walkers, and readers.

Have suggestions on content you’d like to see on the Playmakers’ blog? Please reach out to Abigail on our marketing team. 

Andy Marsh grew up in Grand Ledge where he ran cross country and track and field at Grand Ledge High School followed by competing for Michigan State University in both sports and serving as a grad assistant coach. In 2017 Andy was inducted into the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame for his time competing and his continued involvement in the sport. He works at Playmakers on the Events and Marketing Team and is a Fit Specialist on the Sales Floor.


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