Black Running Experience with Ramon Brunson

Running is a beneficial pastime that about 50 million Americans enjoy. While running can be mentally beneficial, offering runners elevated mood and improved memory and focus, running doesn’t appeal the same to everyone. A study conducted by Gatorade Endurance in 2021, revealed that minority groups face barriers that discourage them from running. Including the lack…

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Stay Informed. Stay Healthy.

Keep Warm, Keep Running

It’s official! The chilling winds and glittering flakes of winter are here. With the holiday season ended, we’re ...
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Don’t Run on E

Ready, set, eat! So, you’ve been running all the miles that your training plan has for you, but ...
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Get Outside With Your “Sole” Mate

It is hard to deny that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. From greeting cards galore, to bountiful flower bouquets, to everyone ...
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Run: A Poem About Running By A Runner

If you're new to running and not sure where to start or your last pair of shoes were from Walmart. If ...
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A Winter Sale Tale

What’s that?  It is time for yet another Playmakers Sale?  You mean, I have to leave my section, full of my ...
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New Chapter, Same Running Shoes

There is an ancient Chinese Proverb I love that says, “You are somebody’s reason to smile.” I have been thinking about ...
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