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The Trials

Lawyer, Dog Mom, and Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier.

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Facing trials is no stranger to a runner. 

In Ashley Higginson’s case, the definition of “trials” is quite literal. As a former professional runner and now lawyer, Ashley has attended many trials in the most literal sense. After competing in the steeplechase in the US Olympic trials in 2012 and 2016, she is preparing for her third trials appearance…the marathon! 

I had the chance to catch up with Ashley on a run, to learn more about her and the upcoming Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta, GA. 

Here’s a few things to know about Playmakers Elite member, Ashley Higginson.

Mitten State Transplant

She’s handling winter running like a true Michigander. 

From early morning workouts in 5 degrees, to the dreaded treadmill long runs, this New Jersey native has definitely adjusted to the Michigan climate.

This past August, Ashley, husband Liam, and doggo, Dunks, made the move to Michigan following Ashley’s acceptance of a position at Miller Canfield. Shortly after the move, she ran her first marathon (which also happens to be her Olympic Trial qualifier) at the Grand Rapids Marathon in October. 

Eat, Sleep, Run, Law School…Run

Following her graduation from Princeton in 2012, Ashley joined the New Jersey-New York Track Club where she was coached by longtime professional track and field coach, Frank Gagliano. She anticipated continuing her running career for a short period of time, but ended up competing professionally for five years. Ashley competed in numerous national and international meets, earning her medals in national championships and a gold medal at the Pan-Am Games in 2015. Off the track, Ashley attended law school at Rutgers full time.   

Grand Rapids Marathon 2019 Photography: Randy Riksen

24.3 More Miles to go!

Although she is jack of all trades, Ashley’s professional running career was focused primarily on the 3K Steeplechase. This race consists of 1.86 miles, 4 barriers per lap, and a water pit. After being intrigued by the marathon for many years, she decided to put the hurdles aside, add on some miles, and tackle 26.2 miles!

Vanilla Latte, Please.

Caffeine is key…especially with a humming work and running schedule. Ashley is a self-proclaimed type-A personality, but intentionally seeks out balance in her daily routine. She rejuvenates by relaxing with her family, sipping wine with friends, and watching Catastrophe. 

Also, “donut” forgot to add a treat to her coffee order! Running can work up a sweet tooth.

A New Chapter in Atlanta

At the end of February, Ashley will be tackling her 3rd Olympic Team Trials. She is looking forward to not only celebrating the race, but also celebrating the other racers. The marathon, thus far, has redefined running for Ashley and approaching race day is truly a celebration of the training and the people who were alongside her in the process.

“The marathon is such a monumental challenge to do on your own. Everyone on the start line has a story. What they’ve endured, their training, and support system. I am just inspired and thankful that I have the opportunity to stand beside hundreds of women who have been bettered by the sport of running.”

We wish Ashley the best of luck in the Olympic Trials! Join us at Playmakers to cheer Ashley on at our Olympic Trials Marathon Viewing Feb 29

Abigail Cook

Abigail is a part of the marketing “think tank” at Playmakers and runner for Playmakers Elite. You can typically find Abigail dwelling at a coffee house or perusing a farmers market. She is a big advocate of “running meetings” and conducted this interview…on a run!

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