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Ubuntu - I am Because We Are

December 17, 2020 / Lindsey Mulder / No Comments

I am because we are.  

It was just over a year ago when some of our staff was headed to The Running Event in Austin, Texas.  This is our industry’s yearly conference where we get together with other independent running retailers and the brands that we work with.  It is a time of collaboration & celebration.

Last year, Playmakers won the Ubuntu Award.  The what award?! I think we can all safely say, we had to Google the meaning of Ubuntu.  

I am because we are.

The award presented by Balega International is given annually to a store that makes a tremendous difference in its community.This was a lifetime achievement award for us, epitomizing what our focus has always been: community.

Many of you might now be familiar with the term Ubuntu. You may have noticed our MSU Spartan basketball team shooting around before games with “Ubuntu” on the front and the meaning on their backs.  The mantra is meant to be carried with the team throughout the season.  It is that same mantra that has carried Playmakers through this season of life.

Playmakers would not be here today without the outpouring of love & support we have received from our community this year. Through it all, our community came running to support us through our online store, curbside pick-up, phone orders & in the store. Through initiatives such as Brooks Healthcare Heroes, and partnering with organizations including the MSU Black Student Alliance & Lansing Association for Human Rights, we were able to expand the Playmakers family and give back locally. Additionally, we came together virtually, when we physically could not. Virtual events, like the Keep your Space Virtual Race encouraged runners and walkers to go the distance, while keeping their distance.

We are so grateful for the community and for the abundance of support we have received.

I am because we are.

We wish you a happy & healthy holiday!

Lindsey Mulder

Lindsey Mulder is the leader of the Marketing Think Tank at Playmakers. She has been on a running “streak” for over 5 years where she runs more than one-mile EVERY SINGLE DAY. Lindsey enjoys staying active with her family and energetic dog!

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