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When you participate, support & shop at Playmakers, you are giving back!


Because of your purchase, we are able to CONTINUALLY give back to the Greater Lansing Area.


Thousands of KIDS participate in Playmakers Fitness Foundation established running events each year.


Each year, Playmakers Fitness Foundation provides over 40,000 people opportunities to move MORE and move BETTER.


In 2020, Playmakers donated over 6,000 pair of shoes in the Greater Lansing community to charities supporting homeless veterans, children, seniors & more.

Year Around Giving

Together with YOU, Playmakers is proud to give back to the Greater Lansing community.

A few of the orgnaizations we were able to support with the help of YOU include, The Melenated Buisness Alliance of Greater Lansing,  Salas Center, The Black Wall Street of Lansing, The High Five Turkey Drive, & Harris Nature Center Foundation.


Giving is a Virtuous Circle. How Can We Help You?

When you shop at Playmakers, you are giving back to your community.

Sometimes, though, you want to go the extra mile. So, how can we help you?

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