Virtual Shopping & HomeFIT

Work with a FIT Specialist to find the gear you need, from the comfort of your home!

Schedule Virtual Shopping or HomeFIT

Like us, our feet are always changing!

The Playmakers FIT Process has gone virtual with HomeFIT. Chat with a FIT Specialist LIVE over Google Hangouts to find a comfortable pair of shoe from the comfort of your home!

Fill out the form below and we will email you information about your HomeFIT Appointment.

How to prepare for your HomeFIT appointment:

If you are scheduling an appointment same-day, please call us before you make your reservation (517.349.3803).

We can't wait to virtually meet you.

Schedule An Appointment

Visit our online scheduler to find a time that works for you! We will send you a follow-up email with more information about how to prepare for your appointment!

Join The Google Hangout

Hop online at your scheduled time and meet one-on-one virtually with a FIT Specialist! Be sure to bring your current pair of shoes and have some space to move around.

Get to Know YOU!

To begin your HomeFIT, we will ask a variety of questions to learn more about you, what you are doing in your shoes, injury history, and more.

Unsure of your foot size? Measure from home!

Time to Move

To best assess your biomechanics and get a closer look at basic movements, we will ask you to take your shoes off and move around. Be sure to clear the room of legos and slippery bananas!


After we have gotten to know you a little better and what you are looking for, we'll show you options that fit your needs best.

Looking to stock up on other gear to keep you on the move? We're happy to dive deeper into apparel and accessories!

Wrap up The HomeFIT

Let's get you in those new shoes! We’ll guide you to a link to complete your shopping experience online or we can complete the transaction during the virtual meeting. The shoes will be shipped your way!

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