NormaTec Recovery Sleeves

Recovery is your edge to achieve more. Maximize your training and find your new PR with NormaTec’s patented technology. NormaTec Recoery Sleeves work as both a high-tech warm up, and a dynamic way to recover faster post-workout.


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What are NormaTec Recovery Sleeves?

The NormaTec Recovery Sleeves combat soreness and get you back on top of your game, recovered and ready to go again. Optimize your training with the recovery system built to the standards of the world's best athletes.

NormaTec's focus is athletic recovery, but its roots lie in the science of blood flow: Your circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients and hormones to every cell in your body. Simultaneously, this complex circuit removes metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, effectively flushing your system of toxins. 

By increasing blood flow to specific parts of the body -- encouraging your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to those areas -- you can speed up recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance.


Compression Techniques

NormaTec Recovery Sleeves utilize three different massage patterns to mimic the body's natural recovery process.


Backed By Science

NormaTec started as a medical company—science is in their DNA. They are always working with researchers to study and develop the effectiveness of their patented technology. It is a clinically proven method to increase circulation, reduce soreness, and help athletes perform at their best every day.

Perstaltic pulse dynamic compression rapidly enhances acute range-of-motion with less discomfort and time. Read More

Perstaltic pulse dynamic compression is a promising means of accelerating and enhancing recovery by reducing muscle tenderness from pressure stimuli. Read More

A 30-minute treatment of Pulse compression increases blood flow in the lower extremeity, possibly making Pulse compression a viable option in the management of exercise-induced muscle damage (DOMS). Read More

A 60 min bout of whole-leg, peristaltic pulse compression transiently upregulates PGC-1a mRNA, while also upregulating eNOS protein and Nox concentrations in biopsy samples. Read More

Intermittent pneumatic compression significantly lowers blood lactate concentrations when compared to a passive recovery group. Read More

External pneumatic compression increases flexibility and reduces select skeletal muscle oxidative stress and proteolysis markers during recovery from heavy resistance exercise. Read More

Perstaltic pulse compression appears to upregulate rpso and downregulate Stat1, which may facilitate positive adaptive responses to exercise. Read More

A single bout of perstaltic pulse compressin improves conduit artery endothelial functon systematically and improves RH blood flow in compressed limbs. Read More

What the Professionals Have to Say About NormaTec

We do a lot of travel in the NBA so you know we’re going from a 7:30 game the one night right onto a plane to play the next game the following day. The guys are using the boots on the plane, in their hotel rooms. The versatility of the NormaTec is key.

Llyod Beckett

DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS. Former Head Athletic Trainer, Brooklyn Nets

The NormaTec system is a key component of our recovery focus. It’s effective, results driven, and easy to use, especially in a team setting. I have been impressed by the player feedback and regular usage of the many units that we have.

Steve Saunders

Director of Performance and Recovery, Balitmore Ravens.

NormaTec has been a crucial partner in keeping Team USATF athletes healthy and recovering quickly.

Max Siegel

CEO, USA Track and Field

The NormaTec Recovery System made a significant difference in recovery and enhanced performance with fewer incidence of muscle strains and improved power reported by dancers in their larger muscle groups.

Heather Southwick

Directory of Physical Therapy, Boston Ballet

NormaTec… improves recovery, enhances recovery, allows athletes to get on the field or the court faster and that just impacts what we do to a great level.

Jared White

Head Athletic Trainer, IMG Academy

We own several NormaTec’s. We use the NormaTec not only as part of our injury protocols but also for recovery and performance. It is a very valuable asset to our football team.

Eric Sugarman

Head Athletic Trainer, Minnesota Vikings
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