Move More, Move Better This May

This month, Playmakers encourages you to keep moving and enjoy exercise more than ever before! Each week, there will be a new challenge that will encourage the Mayathoners to move more and move better. Our challenge to you is to move in some way every day this month. Below is a mile/minutes tracker. Although this is not mandatory for participation in Mayathon, please feel free to use the tracker as an accountability resource.

Week One

Mayathon Week 1 Challenge

Week Two

Mayathon Week 2 Challenge

Week Three

Strengthen More

Week Four

Fuel More

Progress Tracking

Below, you can view Team & Individual Totals as well as a daily log for each participant. Simply click on the tab you want to view at the bottom of the spreadsheet to change views. You can quickly find your tab by either clicking your name or clicking the icon to in the bottom-left and finding your name in the list.

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