Information for Race Directors

Looking to put on your own race? We can help. After all, we've done a few in our day.

Are you looking to start a road race, fun run/walk, or other fitness event? The challenges of hosting such an event can be great, but the rewards to a healthier community and hopeful financial benefit to your organization is usually the catalyst to the start of many great events. The following is some information that might make you decide to try a chicken dinner or a bake sale instead of hosting an event, but those who are organized and persistent can succeed. There were only about 40 mid-Michigan road races a dozen years ago, and now there are more than 200. With the race and physical activity scene forever changing the event types and popularity are fluid but the backbone to all great events stays the same. For further information on Playmakers and your event please review the information below and contact the Playmakers Event Team if you have any questions.

Help for Beginning Race Directors

This is good information for the beginners and experienced race directors.

New Race Directors Clinic PDF (Download)

Race Director Job Duties (Download)

Additional Race Resources

We've compiled some articles over the years to address some common questions. Here you go.

Race Shirts

We work with a lot of local companies. Here are some we recommend for your shirts.
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Timing Services

Need timing services for your race? Check these places out.
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Marketing Your Race

Looking to market your race? Here are some resources and people who can help you.
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Race Wisdom

Avoid race-day disasters by following these tried-and-true-practices.
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The Most Common Race Director Problems

Common pitfalls you want to make sure to avoid.
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10 Keys to a Successful Run

We've done tons of races. Here are the top 10 things you want to nail to ensure a successful run.
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Playmakers and Your Event

All the things you need to know about working with Playmakers on your event.
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