10 Keys to a Successful Run

We've done tons of races. Here are the top 10 things you want to nail to ensure a successful run.

Runners completing the Detroit Marathon

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Playmakers Big 10Quick Reference

1. Website, Online Registration, Entry Form

  • Does my online media look appropriate and portray race information?
  • Does my form effectively convey all necessary information?
  • Am I prepared to distribute my information in a timely fashion?
  • Do I have a plan to utilize social media?

2. Volunteers

  • Do I have enough volunteers?
  • Do my volunteers have sufficient direction?
  • Am I taking care of my volunteers?

3. T-Shirts

  • Is my give-away appealing to my target audience?
  • Do I have enough?

4. Registration

  • Have I selected an appropriate location?
  • Have I selected an appropriate layout?
  • Have I properly trained my volunteers?
  • Do I have all necessary supplies?

5. Course

  • Is my course enjoyable?
  • Is my course safe?
  • Is my course accurate?
  • Do I have lead vehicles that are very familiar with the course?

6. Start/Finish

  • Does my start/finish look professional?
  • Is my start/finish area large enough?
  • Do I have enough workers for my start/finish area?
  • Do I have some method of recognizing participants?
  • Am I prepared to process results?
  • Will my last finisher be treated as well as the first finisher?

7. Kid’s Run

  • Do I have someone focusing on the kid’s run?
  • Is the children’s course clearly laid out?
  • Have I effectively communicated details of the kids run to parents and volunteers?

8. Refreshments

  • Are my refreshments appealing to my participants?
  • Do I have enough food/drink?
  • Are the refreshments easily accessible to all of my participants?

9. Awards

  • Have I effectively planned the awards ceremony?
  • Will I make my participants feel special?
  • Do I have appropriate awards that will appeal to my target audience?

10. Intangibles

  • What will make my race stand out from all of the other good races?

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Runners completing the Detroit Marathon

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